Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Damon System Braces Help Bethany Hamilton Smile Again

Inspirational Pro Surfer and Damon System patient Bethany Hamilton Encourages Others to Smile through Adversity.  There are not many people who don't know about Bethany Hamilton and her incredible story of her shocking shark attack as a young teen in 2003. Since then, Bethany has gone on to inspire millions due to her amazing determination and attitude. She shares her astonishing story in her bestselling autobiography Soul Surfer which in April 2011 was released as a major motion picture. Not only does Bethany continue to compete in the ASP World Professional Surfing Tour, but she tours the world to share her story of triumph and to prove that with faith and belief anything is possible.

“After being treated with Damon Braces I couldn't be happier. The results of having braces not only improved my smile, it boosted my confidence” – Bethany Hamilton

After the shark attack Bethany will tell you she struggled through many trials and tribulations, which took a toll on her confidence and self esteem. When asked, Bethany will tell you that "after being treated with Damon Braces I couldn't be happier. The results of having braces not only improved my smile, it boosted my confidence." Now, with help from Damon System braces, Bethany is able to smile through adversity.

Damon® System official endorser, Bethany Hamilton relied on the trans-formative Damon System to quickly and comfortably improve the health and beauty of her smile. Known for triumphantly overcoming a horrific shark attack, Hamilton now helps to promote the Damon System and encourage teens, children and adults of all ages to smile through adversity, regardless of the challenges life throws their way.

"Smiles are a blessing and an infectious tool for spreading happiness and bringing joy to others," said Bethany. "The Damon System transformed my smile, allowing me to confidently share my story of perseverance and encourage others undergoing adversity. I'm glad to be a part of the Damon System team and I look forward to sharing the positive changes and incredible results that I experienced with this unique orthodontic treatment."

Bethanys' Damon System Story

Bethany began orthodontic treatment at age 14 for a severe underbite with significant crowding and a narrow arch. She also had an open bite, which means there was open space between her upper and lower teeth when her jaw was closed. These types of cases are typically among the most difficult to treat and often require surgery. Bethany relied on the Damon System instead of traditional braces for her treatment.

The light pressure used in the Damon System stimulates broad, natural arch development and typically delivers results up to 25 percent faster than traditional braces, according to clinical studies. While traditional braces require elastic ties to hold wires in place, these ties can accumulate bacteria and often require "tightening" that can hinder tooth movement and prolong treatment.

In contrast, the Damon System combines "tieless" braces with high-tech memory-shaped wires that don't need to be "tightened." Damon System braces are easier to keep clean, which promotes better patient hygiene throughout treatment. Additionally, treatment with the Damon System rarely requires tooth extractions and frees patients from the use of headgear, rapid palatal expanders and other invasive appliances. The cost of orthodontic treatment with the Damon System is comparable to that of traditional braces.

Bethany is one of more than three million Damon System patients who have achieved incredible results over the last 10 years. From adults to teens, today's healthcare consumers want fast, comfortable and virtually invisible orthodontic care. With the Damon System, orthodontists can deliver on all three of these essential patient requests while also producing a remarkable smile. The Damon System continues to improve smiles and Bethany is an awesome brand ambassador. Her positive attitude, determination and character continue to inspire countless people.

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  1. Cute Game. My daughter had played this over and over for about 2 years now. Early on, it did scare her from going to the dentist because she thought she'd have to have her teeth straight.